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Construction Site Accidents – Workman’s Comp

Representation for Injured Construction Professionals

Commercial construction workers and homebuilders deal with potentially dangerous conditions every day on the job. While inherent dangers may exist, contractors, subcontractors and vendors must exercise care and caution in ensuring safety at a construction site. When these companies fail to protect construction workers, we hold them accountable at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. in Jacksonville, Florida.

Overcoming Challenges in Construction Accident Claims

Florida’s workers compensation laws limit the rights of injured workers to sue their employers. At Edwards & Ragatz, our attorneys overcome that obstacle by filing a construction accident claim against a third party, such as a vendor or subcontractor who may be partially responsible for your injuries.

Investigating Your Construction Accident Claim

While there is an expectation of risk when you work in the construction industry, dangerous conditions should not be tolerated. Extra safety precautions must be implemented to ensure the safety of you and your coworkers. We investigate what the construction company did and did not do to protect you. We will hold them accountable if gross negligence caused your injuries or the death of a family member in a construction accident.

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