1 out of 5 Florida nursing homes on watch list

Patient in WheelchairState records show that 20 percent of Florida’s nursing homes fail to abide by minimum care standards or fail to properly correct identified problems after an inspection. More than two-dozen cities are home to multiple watch list facilities, and Jacksonville has ten local homes on the list.
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œIt’s distressing to think that so many elderly and disabled residents receive mediocre care, said Brian Lee, Executive Director of Families for Better Care. œBut what’s just as shocking is how long some of these facilities actually remain on the list.
Over the last 30 months, some nursing homes have been on the list for months”even years.
œThe sheer volume of facilities on the watch list proves that operators and regulators have to do a much better job safeguarding residents and their rights, commented Lee. œOur parents and grandparents deserve better. œIt is a multi, multi-billion dollar industry and they are living off the bedsore-ridden backs of our loved ones and making profits, said Lee.
He said many people don’t know how to access information on nursing home violations. They have to search for it. He doesn’t think the public should have to. Rather, he believes, the state Agency for Health Care Administration, which inspects the nursing homes, should send it out.
œThey need to send a press release to the local community that the nursing home is in, Lee says. œThey need to alert people within the nursing home. They probably don’t know.
AHCA says it doesn’t put out information on nursing homes that are on the watch list because that information is available on its website. That site, Floridahealthfinder.gov  allows the public to search by nursing homes or by region for the best and worst rated facilities. So what do you do? How do you make sure the nursing home you are looking at will treat your elderly relatives with the care they deserve? Do not make an appointment because that gives them all the time in the world to get cleaned up and everyone dressed nice, that’s your first impression. Family of patients and administrators alike agree before you put your loved one in an assisted living facility you should definitely shop around.

Download our Free Guide to Choosing A Nursing Home
Download our Free Guide to Choosing A Nursing Home
For more resources on choosing a nursing home, check out careconversations.org.
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