3 year old dead after visit to the dentist

A 3-year-old girl whose dental procedure caused massive brain damage died last Friday.
Finley Boyle’s parents have filed a lawsuit against dentist Lilly Geyer and her practice, Island Dentistry for Children, alleging negligence and dangerous conduct in sedating the child on December 3, 2013.  The plaintiffs say the child was given high doses of Demerol, hydroxyzine and chloral hydrate, as well as nitrous oxide.œAs a direct and proximate result of the medications administered to (Finley) by defendants, (Finley) suffered cardiac arrest during her dental procedure, the lawsuit states, resulting in œsevere and permanent brain damage.   A technician gave Finley five different drugs and when she went into cardiac arrest, her mother says nobody was even there to administer CPR.  They allege Finley was left alone for 26 minutes after sedation took place, and that the dentist had no emergency plan for this type of scenario which occurred. Finley was undergoing four root canals, which she had been advised for in November.
The Huffington Post interviewed the the family’s attorney, Rick Fried.  Mr. Fried asserts the entire mishap could have been avoided if staff had properly administered the sedatives and monitored Finley’s vital signs. Fried said that most of the dental work was unnecessary to begin with and that the staff did not take necessary precautions.    Fried obtained dental records from the morning of the procedure that show only three notations on Finley’s vital signs.  The Associated Press reports that according to guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, vital signs should be monitored and documented at least every five minutes for patients under sedation.
Geyer did not immediately respond for comment but the practice’s website said it has been permanently closed.
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