57-year-old killed in Mandarin accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall

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Channel 4 reports that  a man was killed early Saturday morning after the vehicle he was driving in, was rear-ended in Mandarin.  It was around 3 a.m. , when a 57-year-old male was traveling southbound on I-295 near San Jose Boulevard, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.  Troopers said for unknown reasons, the deceased’s vehicle was stopped in the roadway, blocking the outside lane of I-295.  Another vehicle, driven by a 48 year old male, was traveling southbound.  This individual did not see the stopped vehicle and collided into the back of it.  FHP said the stopped vehicle became pinned under the other vehicle.  The driver of the stopped vehicle died as a result of the crash. Troopers are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.  Both drivers were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash.
AAA reports that if your vehicle loses power and is inoperable, switch on your safety/emergency flashers.  Do not risk personal injury by attempting to push it to a safe location.  If you cannot get your vehicle to a location from traffic, or if you are uncertain about your safety and think your vehicle may get struck from behind, do not stay in your vehicle.  Other things you can do to make your vehicle visible and to alert other motorists, raise your vehicle’s hood.  if you have a brightly colored handkerchief or scarf, tie to to the antenna or door handle.  Place flares or warning triangles to direct traffic away from your vehicle.
Other experts recommend the following:
If you know that you’re going to need roadside assistance, use your cellphone to call your auto club or the highway patrol: If you have no phone, and you can see an emergency call box only a few feet away, use the call box to call for help, get right back in the car, and lock the doors. If no call box is nearby, you’re probably better off just hanging the white cloth or piece of paper out the window and waiting for the highway patrol.
To avoid being hit by a passing vehicle, never work on your vehicle from the side that’s exposed to traffic. If you can, drive farther off the road to a safe, well-traveled place, and try to reach into the trouble area from the front or the side that’s away from traffic.
If it’s nighttime and you’re not stuck in traffic, quickly place warning lights or reflective markers about six feet behind the vehicle to alert traffic, and then get back in the car. If you don’t have lights or markers, either turn on the interior lights manually or leave the car door that’s away from traffic open so that the interior lights stay on.
If you get a flat tire, do not attempt to change it unless you can get to the side of the road and the tire is on the side of the vehicle that’s safely away from traffic.
Because driving on a flat tire for any longer than it takes to park safely can destroy the tire, you need to replace it close to where it went flat. This is one reason why subscribing to roadside service is a good idea!
When it is safe, get out and move as far away as possible from the car with all your passengers. However, if it is not safe to be outside, remain inside with the seat belts fastened.

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