A faulty traffic light the reason for the fatal crash in Lake City?

red lightTraffic signals are a common staple on any roadway. Many assume that these traffic signals cannot be defective. However time and time again it has been proven that the negligent placement of a defective or faulty traffic signal caused a catastrophic auto accident.
This brings me to the tragedy that recently happened in Lake City and the unanswered question – What was the cause of the accident?  It has been brought to the attention of Action News that  the traffic signal could have been faulty, and it could have contributed to the tragic accident that killed a teenager and injured several others.
Action News went to Lake City and observed the intersection of U.S. 41 and Malone Street.  They observed what many residents of Lake City have observed – the lights changes too quickly.   In particular, the north and southbound light will turn yellow for a few seconds and then red, and for about a quarter second it goes straight back to green.   Action News cameras caught it doing just that. With no cars sitting on Malone Street, the lights for U.S. 41 turned red, but only for a little more than a second. Then the lights switched back again.
FDOT speculates that this kind of scenario could mean there’s a broken sensor.  Because the sensors are not buried that deep into the pavement, sometimes the loop becomes broken and then it goes into a manual cycle.  As of now, he police report about last Monday night’s accident says “One of the two vehicles ran a red light, and investigators are working to determine which one.”
According to FDOT, there have been 13 crashes at that intersection between 2007 and 2011. Officials also tell us they’re looking into the issues we’ve brought to their attention.

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