Serious accident caused by flying debris

CBS Channel 47 is reporting the cause of a recent accident whichroadway debris injured two people was road debris – trash being thrown from another vehicle.
The Honda Accord was northbound on I-295 near Pritchard Road when an occupant of a red pickup truck decided to start throwing trash out the window. The flying trash forced the Honda to try to steer away from the pickup, but she ended up hitting the truck and eventually overturning, troopers say. The passenger of the Honda was ejected from the vehicle and was transported to UF Health in serious condition. The driver of the Honda was taken to the UF Health Jacksonville and was last reported to be in critical condition.
Law enforcement is currently looking for the red pickup involved in the crash. The truck could have damage to the right side and was reported to have a decal on the back window reading “Salt Life. Anyone with information on the crash or the wanted vehicle is urged to contact the Florida Highway Patrol at 904-694-4000.
What a tragic scenario especially since this could have EASILY been avoided! Road debris is a serious highway problem. A few years ago AAA conducted a study regarding road debris and found that it caused 25,000 accidents – and nearly 100 deaths – each year.
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How can we avoid this devasting situation in the future? Here is what drivers should do:
¢ Secure your load and re-check while driving
¢ If you’re behind a vehicle that’s suspicious looking, drop back
¢ Move into different lane
¢ Look around you to see what your options are in case the worst happens
¢ Sometimes, it’s better to drive over small debris than swerve to avoid it, which can cause you to lose control of car
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