After a Motorcycle Accident

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What should I do after being injured in a motorcycle accident?


The other day we had a client who was involved in a serious motorcycle accident here in Jacksonville, and the first thing I told him is make sure you get medical treatment. After a Motorcycle Accident We care about you getting help as soon as you can, and that’s going to come in the form of medical help, initially. Once you get that initial medical treatment, what I would tell you is to always follow your doctor’s recommendations.
The next thing to do after you get treatment, and this is what we tell anybody, is you need a lawyer. Motorcycle accidents are different than other types of accidents. Your injuries from a motorcycle accident tend to be more severe because you don’t have the protection that a car would provide you. You need to get somebody that knows what they’re doing, that’s tried cases, and that can navigate the complexities that these motorcycle accidents can cause.

There’s a difference with our firm. Our firm is a trial firm. We look at every case as if it’s going to trial. Other firms may not do that, but it works to your benefit as a potential consumer because we look at every aspect of your case like we’re going to present it to a jury. If we don’t look at it that way, then we won’t be ready when it’s time for the case to go to jury trial. Your case may settle before trial, it may not. If it doesn’t, you need to have an attorney that knows what they’re doing, who has been to court, and can navigate the court room and everything that entails.

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