Annapolis couple sues for $2 million over snake infested home

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I have never filed a lawsuit like this one.  It is a unique situation and I will be curious to see where the litigation leads this young Maryland family.  First Coast News reports that a young Maryland couple  purchased an Annapolis home last fall looking to settle down in a neighborhood where one of the two spouses grew up. Now they have moved out and are suing their Realtor for $2 million after discovering the home they recently purchased is infested with snakes, the couple told an Annapolis TV station.  Jody Brooks told the reporter that once they found three  snakes and the size of them, their emotions were going crazy.  They settled their fears by talking to the experts but their first question was for the expert to assure them the snakes would never have mistake their four-month-old baby for a vermin.  Court documents say they purchased the home for $410,000 before closing costs, back in December of 2014. By January of 2015, the couple was in their new, Annapolis, Md. home.  As the months got warmer, the Brooks family  learned they were not the only ones inside.  I think in the sale of a home, a professional, you should let somebody know of every possible issue when you buy the house,” said Jeff Brooks. The couple filed a lawsuit against four parties: Barbara Van Horn, Champion Realty, Inc., The Joan Broseker Revocable Trust and Joan Broseker. Van Horn is who the couple claims is both their Realtor and neighbor. Champion Realty, Inc. is the company Van Horn works for and Broseker is said to be Van Horn’s mother, the person listed as the 631 Truxton Road’s owner, before it was sold to the Brooks.
The lawsuit accuses Van Horn of knowing but not informing the Brooks about the snake issue. Jody Brooks said they had heard a rumor and asked about the problem. She also accused Van Horn. When the problem persisted, the Brooks contacted a local pest company, Home Paramount. An employee for the company told the Annapolis reporter that what they found was “incredible” and described never seeing anything like it.  The lawsuit says the pest company advised the Brooks have the home gutted to analyze insulation and so-forth. They then discovered “highways” or the tracks the snakes used to get around the house. They also found feces on the walls and more snake skins, according to the lawsuit. A “snake den” is what attorneys called it.
According to Mrs. Brooks,  they learned from some of the prior tenants that this was an ongoing problem and the extent of their problem and how terrifying it was for them. So they knew and didn’t disclose that information.  The couple told the reporter that the Realtor will not do anything about it.  Even if they cleaned-out the home, an attorney for the couple says there’s no guarantee the snakes will not come back. Jeff and Jody Brooks say according to the inspectors they hired, the snakes living in the Truxton Rd. home leave a scent so they know where to return.
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