Another JTA accident involving a bus

JTA Accident
Another JTA accident involving a bus.  The Florida Times Union reports that a pickup truck hit a city bus early Monday on the Arlington Expressway, leaving the bus driver injured but none of the passengers hurt. The Ford pickup truck was headed east just after 7 a.m. when it jumped a median and hit the bus on its left side.  The bus slid into a sign on the expressway near Mill Creek Road and knocked it over.  The pickup truck driver was transported to a local hospital by a city rescue unit, the JTA said.
The JTA accident has initiated safety measures but it did not protect their bus driver in this instance.  Back in June of this year, JTA announced it was leading a $50 million project to invest in the Northwest corridor of Jacksonville, an area considered seriously underdeveloped.  They have applied for a grant which includes significant overhauls to the Arlington neighborhood especially. The JTA is seeking a $15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to supplement the project. The purpose of projects that qualify for these types of grants is to generate economic development and improve access to reliable, safe and affordable transportation for disconnected communities while improving employment, education and community revitalization, as well as other social necessities.  The JTA argues that its project meets the standards of grant recipients, and falls under the U.S. DOT’s mission to bring economic development through transportation connectivity.
There is no news if JTA received this grant but if you are a passenger on a JTA bus and need information pertaining to bus routes or traffic accidents, you can dial 511.  511 will also access current information for personalized routes and roadways, construction, weather alerts, Amber/ LEO/ Silver Alerts and lane closures. In addition, this statewide web site will incorporate actual real-time images from traffic cameras and opportunities for passengers to provide feedback. Passengers can also sign up for My Florida 511 from the website for personalized services.

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