Are see-through semi truckers something we can have in the future?

See through truck
I came upon this article and am super excited if the idea takes traction and actually is implemented.   I can’t tell you how many times I have been behind a semi-truck on a single lane road, having no clue what was in front of them.  These semi-trucks can drive slower than others, making many drivers wanting to go around them.  What is unfortunate, is in many of these situations, people try to pass on a single lane highway and end up hitting another vehicle coming the opposite way head-on, with fatalities happening in many of those situations.  Therefore, Samsung has thought of a brilliant idea to thwart many of these accidents.  They want to put more TVs on the road. Samsung’s Safety Truck would make drivers safer by allowing them to see past tall trucks through a television attached to the back of the semi.
The Safety Truck comes with a front-view camera that provides a peek at what is ahead for any driver stuck idling behind the truck. A wall of four television monitors hung on the back of the semi connects to a wireless camera attached to the front. The live feed from the camera shows what the driver of the truck sees, allowing drivers behind to make decisions about whether or not it safe to pass the slower semi, both during the day and at night.
Driving is one of the most dangerous activities in the world, killing or injuring up to 50 million people throughout the world each year.
The Safety Truck looks like an easy decision for any company to make and for anyone interested in making roads safer. But there will likely be some issues before it truly can be implemented The system will need to take into account changing visibility conditions, and Samsung hasn’t announced how much it would cost truck owners.
So it isn’t clear how soon this concept could get out on the road. Even though the prototype is no longer operational, the technology company is teaming up with road safety non-profits and other governments to go through more testing and attain the proper permits for the product. Until then, slow down, be patient and most of all – be safe.

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