Be Careful When Driving in Fog

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Attorney Katherine Loper
12/10/12: A foggy day in North Florida means many accidents on the highways. Morning commuters were left frustrated after an ice cream truck flipped trying to avoid a previous crash with several injuries.  All southbound lanes shutdown on I-295 this morning until 8:15 a.m.. The two  related crashes left two critically injured and two seriously injured.   Of course it would be wrong to blame all accidents on human error, but I suspect a significant number of them happen because someone was not driving cautiously. In any case, I hope the injured individuals recover fully and people take special care to drive in the heavy fog. The danger of decreased visibility combined with heavy traffic and high speeds is very real.
When I would drive to work on I-295, it was obvious that a big problem was speeding, regardless of the weather conditions.  If there is extreme weather such as dense fog – people should slow down and drive cautiously.  When there is reckless driving combined with low visibility, someone is bound to get in an accident.
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