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What’s the difference between a bicycle accident claim and a car crash claim?


The other day we had a client call in and he was in a very significant bicycle accident. He wanted to know how his accident differed from a car accident. The first thing that I told him right off the bat Bicycle Accident Injury Claims is his case was different because he was more significantly injured, and that’s because he did not have the benefit of a car to protect him. Oftentimes, bicyclists think that they’re at fault for the accident even when they’re not. The reason they feel that way is society has created a stigma where if a bicyclist is riding in the roadway, they think that person must be at fault if there is an accident. That is not the case.

There are laws in the state of Florida that protect bicyclists and pedestrians. There are different laws for motor vehicle traffic. You, as a bicyclist, have the right to enjoy the roadways of the state of Florida if you are following the statutes, and most bicyclists are, so that is the primary difference. You do not have to feel like you’re at fault. There are ways to get around that, and oftentimes you’re not at fault. It takes an attorney who knows the statutes and can navigate these bicyclist cases all the way through trial if needed.

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