Birth Injuries

“A child is the greatest joy, the ultimate Blessing.”  Author: Emily Laughton
But not every child has a smooth transition into this world. Birth injuries are a very real and scary part of the birthing process. A birth injury is defined as trauma suffered by a baby while being born.  This trauma can include erb’s palsy, bell’s palsy, and cerebral palsy. [1][1] Cerebral palsy can be caused by brain damage which resulted from a lack of oxygen to the baby and/or a decrease in blood flow to the baby’s brain.   A baby can also incur broken bones or a spinal injury during the birthing process.  Shoulder dystocia occurs when a baby’s head is delivered normally, but the shoulders get stuck inside the mother’s body.  In cases of Shoulder dystocia, the baby can suffer from injury to the nerves of the shoulder, arms and hand, shaking or paralysis,  broken arm or collarbone, lack of oxygen and in the  severe cases brain damage and death.
Are Birth Injuries Avoidable?
Even though some birth injuries are unavoidable, many of these injuries mentioned are avoidable and are caused by improper medical care or medical negligence.  Such improper care can include mistakes, delays in performing a C-section delivery, use of excessive force in delivery or miscalculations of the size of the baby.
It is in these cases where medical negligence caused a birth injury that parents may be entitled to claim compensation for the defect or injury. Of course, compensation in no way makes up for the injury and trauma caused to the baby. However, if the child survives, the likelihood is that he or she may need a great deal of medical care, which will prove expensive. Compensation will help to fund hospital and home care for the baby. If the baby does not survive, the parents should be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering and grief.[2][2] Who should I contact if my baby has suffered a birth injury?
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