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What damages can I recover in a boat accident claim?


Boat Accident CompensationI had a client call me the other day who wanted to know what types of damages or recovery are available after a boat accident. When it comes to a boat accident claim, the things that we’re looking at, as far as what can be recovered, are the extent of your injuries, what type of injuries you have, and the medical bills. We’re looking at your past medical bills, the medical bills for what you’re currently treating for and any future medical bills related to the accident. Future medical bills are very important, especially depending on how significant your injuries are.

We take the time to meet with your physicians to get an idea of what those monetary values are. We compile all that information and put a value to it. Once we have that, then we can start the negotiations with the other side to see if we can potentially settle your case or if we have to go trial.

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