Boat Accident Liability

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How do I determine liability for a boat accident?


Living in the state of Florida, boating accidents are a way of life, unfortunately. We often get calls from people who have been in a boating accident and they want to know who can be held accountable for those injuries. Boat Accident Liability One of the first things that I have to do is get into the facts because there are a lot of different people that can be liable. Was it a boat-on-boat collision? Was there a dock that caused one boat to swerve and hit another boat? It could be a claim against an adjacent homeowner who owned the dock. It could be a claim that somebody was boating while under the influence.

There could be many different aspects at play, and you need an attorney who is familiar in all aspects of litigation so they know who to go after to get an insurance disclosure letter out. The attorney will hire an expert to take pictures of the scene and aerial photographs of where the accident happened. There could have been something protruding from the water. There are many things that we don’t know.

It’s important in a boating accident case, once you get treatment for your injuries, to call an attorney who has done these types of cases before, and get that attorney working on that case to investigate and figure out all aspects of liability so that you can receive maximum compensation.

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