Can new technology help physicians diagnose cancer on the spot?

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First Coast News  reports that Baptist Health has obtained new technology to help identify cancer on the spot.  This type of technology will hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety and stress for individuals getting medical tests looking for cancer.  The new procedure at Baptist Health is helping patients get answers faster and in a less invasive way.  The new technology called Cellvizio allows doctors to put a probe directly into the questionable cells and see the cells in their natural state versus doing a biopsy of the questionable cells and waiting for pathology.  By doing that, doctors can tell right there, on the spot, if the mass is cancerous or benign. Patients that have experienced the Cellvizio say it was painless, as the tiny microscope was threaded through an endoscope while the patient was having an endoscopy.  After a doctor makes his diagnosis by looking at the Cellvizio, the results are then confirmed with a biopsy.
The success seen at Baptist Health is supported by recent studies released by the Center for Endomicroscopy in China  showing advantages of Cellvizio probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy (pCLE) in the diagnosis of esophageal and gastric cancers.  The first study presented results of a prospective phase 2 trial showing that the use of pCLE significantly improves specificity of diagnosis in gastric cancer.  In the second study pCLE was shown to support the diagnosis of esophageal squamous neoplasia (ESN) with high levels of sensitivity (95 percent) and specificity (91 percent) .
There are additional studies done that support the use of the Cellvizio.  Read more here:

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