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How much is my car accident claim worth?


Car Accident Case ValueIn my first meeting with automobile accident clients, their first question is, “What do you think my case is worth?” The reality is, any quality lawyer is going to tell you they don’t know. There will come a point in your case where I will make recommendations as to what I think reasonable values of your case are but telling you what a case is worth at the very beginning is irresponsible. You don’t know all the facts and it’s like asking a doctor to tell you how a surgery is going to come out before they’ve even examined you.

A lawyer has a responsibility to investigate the facts, find out what witnesses are going to say and, equally important, talk to your doctors, gather your medical records and let your injury stabilize and reach a point where it’s reached maximum medical improvement. We then need to look at the amount of your medical bills and the strength of the liability, whether there is more than one person at fault, and what the amount of insurance coverage is.

All those things factor into the value of a case, so until that type of background work and research is done, a lawyer can’t give you good advice. They have a responsibility to give you good advice and to give you ranges as to what they think the case is worth. Until those things are properly done, you shouldn’t give a person a value.

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