Personal Injury Lawyer Jacksonville – How We Help with Commercial Truck Accidents and Injury

Personal Injury Attorney Jacksonville Florida: Commercial Truck Accidents in Florida
May 4, 2018
Personal Injury Attorney Jacksonville Florida – Commercial Truck Accidents and Injury
June 1, 2018

Personal Injury Lawyer Jacksonville – How We Help with Commercial Truck Accidents and Injury


Personal injury lawyer Jacksonville provide excellent assistance with commercial truck injuries. The American commerce system relies heavily on trucks to move goods from one location to another. Commercial truckers are trusted to safely share the highways with ordinary automobile traffic. These vehicles might include tanker trucks, eighteen-wheeler tractor trailers (sometimes with an additional trailer in tow), flat beds, large delivery vehicles, and other freight-bearing trucks. In most cases, commercial drivers negotiate the roadways safely, but accidents can sometimes occur due to road and weather conditions, driver error or fatigue, and mechanical malfunctions.


When a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial vehicle, the outcomes can be devastating for those in the car. Because of the size of tractor-trailers, and the fact that some are carrying dangerous or flammable materials, a collision can result in severe back and neck pain, head and spinal cord injuries, disfigurement due to fire or explosion, internal injuries and even loss of life for the occupants of the motor vehicle.


Drivers, passengers and family members of those involved in commercial truck accidents not only have to deal with the physical, mental, emotional and financial consequences of the accident, they often run up against a highly entrenched legal and insurance system that seems determined to keep them from receiving just compensation for their pain and suffering. That’s when you need the services of a personal injury lawyer Jacksonville who specializes in commercial truck accidents and injury cases. Here are some things you need to know if you or someone you love encounters an accident with one of these vehicles:


Injuries are often serious: Most fully-loaded commercial trucks can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds. On interstate and intrastate highways, they may be traveling at speeds of 70 miles per hour or more, making it extremely difficult to stop abruptly or control the rig during an unexpected roadway event. When this large mass plows into a typical automobile that weighs about two to three thousand pounds, serious injuries or fatalities are likely to result. If the passengers survive, there are likely to months of hospital stays and rehabilitation, high medical bills, and loss of ordinary income. A personal injury lawyer Jacksonville who specializes in commercial truck accidents and injury claims can help assess the total actual and future damages incurred, in order to place a dollar figure on any potential financial claims.

The legal entanglements can be daunting: Many entities may be partially at fault in a commercial truck accident. There is the actual driver, the company he/she was driving for as an employee or independent contractor, the owners of the goods being transported, manufacturers of the truck and equipment, and all of their insurance representatives. If there is any question of roadway dangers, the local municipality, and state or federal departments of transportation might also be involved. It takes an expert to sort through all of these possible parties to prove fault, and pursue the appropriate defendants for reasonable compensation relating to their specific liability level in the accident.


Because cases involved commercial truck accidents and injury can be so complicated, it is always best to turn to the services of an experienced truck accident attorney for assistance.


If you or a loved one suffered from any form of commercial truck accident or injury, allow a personal injury lawyer Jacksonville to provide a free consultation. An attorney can provide you with legal assistance to determine if you have a case and help you receive compensation for your injuries. Contact an esteemed personal Jacksonville medical malpractice attorney at Edwards & Ragatz for a free consultation: (800)366-1609; locally – (904)399-1609; or through our website


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