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When to use your hazard lights

Living in Florida, afternoon showers and thunderstorms are normal, especially in the summer. It is extremely important to use caution when driving in the rain. You should always slow down and turn on your windshield wipers when driving in the rain. According to the Florida DMV, headlights must be turned on during periods of rain […]

Family receives $1 million policy limit for crash with cocaine-impaired truck driver

Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. obtained a policy-limits $1 million settlement resolution July 19 for a Jacksonville mother and son who were injured by a semi tractor-trailer driver at the interchange of Interstate 95 and Interstate 10. The collision was every motorist’s nightmare. A 60,000-pound semi tractor-trailer inexplicably swerved out of its lane, careening off the […]

Daily Record: Florida drivers not the most knowledgeable

Florida drivers are among the least knowledgeable drivers on the road out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to GMAC Insurance based on its National Drivers Test. For 2010, Florida drivers rank No. 41 with an average score of 75.2, compared with the drivers in Kansas, the best at 82.3, and […]

Driver's License Quiz

The GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test » Make A Quiz Florida Driver’s Education Facts Q. What do red traffic light arrows mean? A. Treat red directional arrows the same as you would a regular red light. According to Lt. William Leeper of the Florida Highway Patrol, “You are prohibited from making a turn from a […]

Crashes Related to Cell Phone Usage

National Safety Council released a report that showed 28% of roughly 1.6 million crashes yearly are caused by drivers on cell phones or texting.  View the National Safety Council Report. More than a dozen bills about cell phone usage and texing while driving are under consideration for the 2010 legislative session. Currently in Florida it […]