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Does Defensive Medicine drive down malpractice claims?

Recently, a study was released that shows there is a higher use of resources by US physicians which is associated with a reduced risk of malpractice claims.  These findings were published in a study by The BMJ.  However, the researchers say it is uncertain whether higher spending is defensively motivated.  Defensive medicine is defined as […]

South Florida Nursing Home ordered to stay open while the owner and CMS are locked in a legal battle

CMS had moved to kick Bayou, a south Florida nursing home, out of the Medicare and Medicaid networks in July 2014 after inspectors turned up dangerous conditions there that they said put elderly patients and those with dementia at risk.  In particular, the inspectors had found expired medication; learned that a convicted sex offender had […]

Botched surgery allegations for local plastic surgeon who also profited off of it

Allegations that local plastic surgeon caused botched surgeries and profited off of it reported by Action News Jacksonville state that a local law firm has filed three separate lawsuits against a local plastic surgeon from women alleging disfigurement and pain that resulted from multiple breast implant procedures. The women assert in their lawsuits that their doctor was profiting […]

Make sure you do your research before putting your loved one in a nursing home

Nobody wants to put their loved one in a nursing home but sometimes it is necessary.  Even though there are plenty of licensed nursing homes in Florida, not all of them provide the same level of care.  Larry Greenberg of Land O’Lakes had to make the decision to put his wife in Consulate Health Care […]

According to the 1st DCA, Presuited Doctors can still find out patient information without the patient knowing

Recently, a Florida appeals found that the controversial law that changed the state’s malpractice presuit notice requirements in 2013 to allow doctors named as defendants to find out patient information under some circumstances was allowable and did not violate any laws.  The plaintiff in the case, Emma Gayle Weaver, had contemplated filing a medical-malpractice lawsuit […]

To collect debts, Nursing Home seizing control over patients!

This story is shocking to me.  I’ve litigated nursing home cases for over ten years and never saw this type of action to collect debts.  New York Times is who investigated and reported on this horrible situation.  In New York City,  there is a nursing home who used drastic moves to get bills paid by patient […]

Two Jacksonville hospitals are being penalized for their patients receiving high rates of preventable injuries

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The Times Union and Action News reports that two Jacksonville-area hospitals are being penalized after a federal agency concluded that their patients receive high rates of preventable injuries during their stays. UF Health Jacksonville and Memorial Hospital Jacksonville will have their Medicare payments cut by 1% through September, according to CMS. The reductions could cost them […]

Area hospitals perform below national standards for preventing infections

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The Florida Times Union reports on an unfortunate problem that area hospitals cannot seem to shake.  We have four hospitals in the Jacksonville area that performed below national standards for preventing infections during patients’ stays, according to a study from the CDC.  UF Health Jacksonville (Shands Jacksonville) was one of seven hospitals nationwide that performed below standards […]