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Be cautious when using Essure as birth control

More and more often people are questioning whether or not Essure is safe. The Food and Drug Administration and local doctors in the Jacksonville area say the Essure birth control device is safe, but women across the country, including here in Jacksonville, say their stories are proof it is anything but. Channel 4 recently interviewed […]

Warning: Pause before using Medtronic guidewires for your heart procedure

Federal health officials have toughened an already-announced recall of guidewires made by Medtronic, saying that the problems are serious enough to cause serious injury or death.The warning covers about 15,000 recalled guidewires, which are used in various heart procedures.  A recall of the guidewires began Oct. 21 after Medtronic received reports of four complaints, including […]

FDA takes action to speed safety information updates on generic drugs

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I was watching the Today Show last week and was SHOCKED by a story they aired regarding generic drugs. Generic drugmakers can’t be sued because, under current FDA rules, only name-brand drugmakers are responsible for safety warnings. So if you take a drug that was the generic brand and the label was misleading and inaccurate […]

Off Label use of a stent can cause catastrophic effects

In discussing a surgical procedure, the phrase œoff-label use  refers to the use of medical devices for an unapproved indication or an unapproved form of administration.   Generally speaking, off-label use is legal unless it violates the standard of care to the patient, a specific ethical guideline or any safety regulations.   Even thought it is legal, […]

Meat recalled for possible listeria contamination

Channel 4 is reporting that more than 22,000 pounds of chicken, ham and beef products are being recalled because of possible Listeria contamination.The products were sent to retailers and distributors all over the coountry, including Florida.  Recalled products include several kinds of chicken salad, ham salad, barbecue beans with beef, and potato salad with bacon. […]

BPA may cause infertility

CNN is reporting on yet another study that links the exposure  of chemicals such as BPA to fertility problems.  New research reveals that some common household products could be partly to blame for fertility problems.  Scientists affiliated with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine are presenting research linking chemical compounds (BPA & Phthalates)  to fertility […]


When consumers purchase products, especially food, they want to feel that their purchases will not be harmful to them later on. Some products could have a manufacturing error or were not handled properly during processing that could lead to consumers becoming injured or seriously ill. While many companies do their best to ensure the safety […]

Obesity, diabetes linked with BPA and phthalates

The chemicals bisphenol A and phthalates are linked to obesity and insulin resistance in adolescents in two new studies, but the findings cannot yet answer whether the hotly debated hormone-like compounds are causing the negative health effects they are linked with, experts say. In one study, the researchers measured the levels of DEHP, a phthalate […]

Patient Safety at Risk with SCOTUS review of Mutual v. Bartlett

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday, March 19 in Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. Bartlett, one of a series of cases this term the outcome of which could have a significant impact on public health.The case, closely watched by pharmaceutical companies, regulators and lawyers, could determine the extent to which individuals can hold generic […]

FDA warns Zithromax can cause fatal irregular heart rhythm

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The FDA recently issued a warning to the public regarding a medication made by the drug manufacturer Pfizer, Inc. According to a statement from the agency, the drug Azithromycin, carrying the brand name Zithromax, can cause irregularities in the electrical activity within the heart.  This side effect can result in  the following:  ¢ abnormal heart […]