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How do I pick the best attorney for my bicycle accident claim?


A potential client called me wanting to know the most important things when trying to effectively select an attorney for a bicycle accident claim, and some of the things that she should look out for, not only at our firm but if she decided to call other firms. Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney I told her one of the most important things for her to ask is who handles your case – do you have the same people that handle your case from start to finish?
What sets us apart from other firms is from the time you walk in and retain us as your attorneys, you have the same attorneys that work on your case from start to finish. That effectively creates a relationship where we can effectively negotiate the value of your case with the other side. We have created the relationships so we know how the injuries have affected you at work, at home, with your family, and how it has really turned your life upside down. If you have multiple attorneys, it doesn’t go off as good with the other side as far as being able to effectively negotiate.

Some of the other things to look at are we have in-house nurses here at our firm that are able to read your medical records, differentiate the type of injuries you have, and potentially see where your treatment might go in the future. We have really good relationships with a lot of physicians here in town, where we’re able to sit down with them and get a better idea of what your type of injuries are and what type of treatment you need in the future.

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