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How do I pick the best attorney for my car accident claim?


Choosing a Car Accident AttorneyI had a client come in asking how to select the best car accident attorney. The Florida Bar has a spot on their website that talks about how to select attorneys, but there’s some fundamentals to it. Today, you can go on people’s websites and you can find out a lot about them. One of the things to look for is if they’re board-certified. Board certification is a preset program that’s overseen by the Bar, in which attorneys have to have a certain number of trials before they’re allowed to become board-certified, and the committee that oversees it then interviews judges and lawyers that were against them to determine whether or not they’re truly competent in that area. They must then pass a written test, as well as submitting a list of all their trials that they can document.

There are some other accolades and recognitions that are out there that are very important and help to set apart some lawyers even from those that are board-certified, and they include things like Best Lawyers in America. On our website, we’ve been Best Lawyers in America for numerous years and the law firm is ranked as tier one, which is the highest tier that can be obtained, and we have that tier at multiple levels. Best Lawyers in America picks an individual lawyer in different regions of each state and identifies them as the top person in the practice, and I’ve had that designation in two different areas – medical malpractice and personal injury – multiple times.

You should also look for other accolades, such as American College of Trial Lawyers, International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and International Barristers. Those are very select lawyers who are recognized for their trial practice, as is ABOTA, which is the American Board of Trial Advocates, and people only get into that if they’ve tried a certain number of cases and are then selected by their peers in the community. Those are ways to pick the best attorney for your case.

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