Choosing a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

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How do I pick the best attorney for my nursing home abuse claim?


Choosing a Nursing Home Abuse AttorneyNursing home abuse cases are considered complex, and I’m regularly asked by my clients why they should come to me. The reason they should come to an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer is because the nursing home industry, as with hospitals and doctors, has gone to the legislature repeatedly over the last few decades and gotten a number of protective statutes passed that create impediments to lawsuits that don’t exist in any other field. If you don’t get a properly trained nursing home lawyer, fatal mistakes can occur that can kill the case right at the very beginning. There are pre-suit processes and procedures that must be complied with or else the case can’t be brought.

In investigating who you want to hire, there are a number of resources you can look to. The Florida Bar has information on their website that talks about things you should look at in hiring a lawyer. On our website you’re going to find that we’ve prosecuted lots of nursing home cases, including numerous million and multi-million-dollar results in front of juries. The experience a lawyer has in a given field tells you their ability to represent your interests. More importantly, it tells the insurance defense lawyer and the insurance companies that defend these people whether or not that lawyer is willing to take the case to jury, if necessary. That’s going to force them to come to the table with reasonable value, hopefully without a trial.

There are a number of things you can look to in addition to board certification. Board certification means a lawyer has had a number of trials that they’ve documented for a committee of the Bar. That committee then interviews judges and lawyers that have been up against them. The lawyer will also have to pass a written test. Board certification in this area is the civil trial certification for the state of Florida. There are also benchmarks that mean a person has even surpassed those achievements, and they are national recognitions such as Best Lawyers in America. You also want to look for national organizations that are considered select organizations, such as International Academy of Trial Lawyers, ABOTA, American College of Trial Lawyers and International Barristers. Membership in those organizations means a person is considered one of the elite trial lawyers in their state and they are someone who has been recognized by judges and lawyers on both sides as being top tier.

When you look at the Best Lawyers in America, you’ll also find that they rank law firms and lawyers in tiers. That means that they are considered elite lawyers in their field. You’ll see tier one ratings for our firm in both personal injury and medical malpractice, which are the areas that cover nursing home abuse and medical malpractice.

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