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How much is my construction accident claim worth?


Construction Accident Case ValueI recently had a client contact me who wanted to know how to determine the value of his construction accident case. I advised this client that there are multiple factors to consider, one of those being how severe and permanent the injuries are. That is something that can drive up medical costs, especially if one gets surgery or needs continued treatment. The higher the medical costs go, the more value the case has.
Another factor that can increase the value of the case is choosing the right firm or attorney to represent you. If the insurance company knows that the other side is a pushover, then they know that they can resolve the case for a minimum value. If they know that the other side is a firm or an attorney that is willing to take cases to trial, then they know that they’re going to be facing a much higher risk.

Other factors to consider would be if there are pre-existing injuries that are similar to the injury that was sustained in the construction accident. There are different ways that the injuries can be aggravated by the construction accident, but it still is something that the insurance companies will consider when evaluating the case.

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