Crash Boulevard: Where life and death can intersect

When major tragedies hit, we’re accustomed to hearing the large numbers of injuries and casualities, but would you be shocked to find out that just 25 intersections in Jacksonville are responsible for 14,000 car accidents per year?  It is easy to overlook the car accidents that cost money, lives, and health one “small” incident at a time, but the numbers added up are scary. In 2012, Jacksonville’s top 25 High Frequency Crash (HFC) intersections were responsible for 4 accidents per day. That number leaps to approximately 39 accidents per day, or just over 14k car accidents per year according to a Florida Highway Safety 2009 report, if we include all of Duval County.  112 of those accidents resulted in death.
Many of the HFC intersections are located near one another. In one case, two HFC sites are located 500 feet away from each other. The intersections of Blanding and Argyle Forest, and Blanding and Youngerman Circle are the locations of 146 accidents per year. Drive 500 feet north of Youngerman and you’ll reach Collins, the site of 70 more car accidents.
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With the forever increasing costs of automobile insurance and maintenance, as well as the potential for a huge bill if one should get into a car accident, it may be a part of one’s due diligence to be less concerned about a potential break-in, and to more concerned about the likelihood of being involved in a car accident.
This list shows the number of crashes at HFC sites for all of 2012.
At Edwards & Ragatz, we have seen many accidents caused by impatient drivers, especialy those who run red lights. Almost all of us on the road routinely witness drivers turning long after their light has turned red.   To avoid an accident in an intersection, do the following:

  • Adhere to traffic signals
  • Make a complete stop at a red light before making a right hand turn
  • Do not make a right hand turn at a red light when a sign states that this action is illegal
  • Do not run stop signs and/or red lights
  • Always adhere to yield sign regulations
  • Acknowledge another driver’s right of way
  • Adhere to traffic circle regulations

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Remember, defensive driving is your best ally to avoid an accident.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident at an intersection in the Jacksonville, Florida area, please contact us today. At Edwards & Ragatz, P.A., we will help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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