Delay in breast cancer treatment increases risk

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Breast cancer can be treated successfully if detected early on. But when medical professionals fail to read warning signs or take appropriate actions when risk factors exist, people may be left to suffer. At Edwards & Ragatz, P.A., our Florida breast cancer lawyers understand the obligations medical professionals bear in relation to diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
What can compound the monumental effects of a delay in diagnosis is a delay in treatment of breast cancer.  A new study shows just how dangerous it can be to wait to get treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, shows that the risk of dying from advanced breast cancer goes up 85 percent if you wait more than 60 days to start treatment.
Electra D. Paskett, associate director for population sciences at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, said researchers wanted to see whether delaying treatment affected disease progression, treatment complications and ultimately a woman’s outcome.  œIt’s been shown that early detection and treatment can increase five year survival rates to as high as 98 percent. Until this study, we didn’t know the profound effect delaying treatment could have, she said.
For  the one in ten women studied, treatment started more than 60 days after their cancer diagnosis. Among those who had advanced cases of breast cancer, that delay was associated with an 85 percent higher risk of breast cancer-related death, and a 66 percent higher risk of death overall, compared with women treated sooner.
œThis research shows we have an opportunity to improve breast cancer outcomes by helping women who are diagnosed at late-stage to get started with treatment sooner, says Paskett. œEven if the the goal of treatment isn’t curative, early treatment seems to prolong survival and improve quality of life.
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If you or your family has been impacted by misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of breast cancer, we can help you pursue monetary compensation for the financial and physical hardships that have resulted.  Contact us at or (800)366-1609.

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