Faulty Handrail Injury

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Can I receive compensation if I’m injured because of a faulty handrail?


Faulty Handrail InjuryWe have had cases throughout the years where people have been either on commercial property, or residential property, and have fallen down a set of stairs due to a faulty handrail. Often, these are significant cases. The injuries can be severe. You have to get treatment immediately.
After you get that treatment, and following up on the advice of your physicians, what you need to do is contact a lawyer who has experience in handling these types of premises liability cases. You need an attorney to get an investigator out there to take pictures, to secure the scene, to protect the handrail, to determine why it was a faulty handrail. Was it a missing screw? Was it a missing nail? Based upon the condition of the property overall, your attorney may be able to see things immediately that will help him in the future if your case ever has to go to trial. That’s what we do at our firm. We look at every case as if it’s going to trial. That’s how we bring you value in your case.

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