Faulty Step Injury

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Can I receive compensation if I’m injured because of faulty steps?


Often, people will call me with a premises liability situation where they slipped and fell on a faulty step asking if they have a case. If it’s a faulty step that caused you to fall and get injured, you absolutely have a case. Faulty Step Injury Quite frankly, most of these people have very significant cases because the injuries are often severe. In that type of a situation, I tell them it’s imperative that they get medical treatment. Usually, by the time they’ve contacted me, they already have.
You need an attorney to preserve the evidence that you’re going to need to try your case. The attorney will hire an investigator who will take pictures and measurements of the faulty step to determine what exactly went wrong.

You need that done immediately because that homeowner, or whoever owns the premises where you fell, are hiring their own people to do the exact same thing. They may be destroying things that you will need to prove your case. That is why it’s so important that you talk to an attorney sooner rather than later, especially in those faulty step type cases.

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