Florida facility aimed at eliminating medical mistakes

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Medical mistakes kill 98,000 people each year in the United States. One woman in Tampa, Florida is trying to change the way doctors and nurses are trained so errors are less likely.  The facility is top notch and all the training takes place under one roof.  In one room there’s a newborn baby being resuscitated. Down the hall a new nurse learning the ropes. And downstairs, there is an injured soldier in the hybrid operating room, but none of these scenarios are real. You’re getting a peek inside of a pretend hospital with a big purpose.  The CEO of USF CAMLS(the University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation) , Deborah Sutherland  tells Channel 4 this is a one of a kind, one stop shop for medical professionals.  Sutherland created this hi-tech institute because she saw a dire need for training changes. She says there are too many medical mistakes so she thinks the apprenticeship style of learning should be replaced with a competency based model.
The Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation
The Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation or CAMLS is a training center that hopes to help the future of healthcare and become more of a standard. CAMLS is located in Tampa, Florida, and is the largest of its kind in the world. It uses teamwork as its approach to heighten the standards of healthcare. The building is 3 stories and over 90,000 square feet. Inside there is a large variety of medical simulations for surgeons and clinical teams. These programs not only are safe and useful for practice but they also provide measurable results.
CAMLS is broken down into a few different centers. The first is the Surgical & Intervention Training Center which uses brand new technology so that surgeons and residents can practice their skills through medical simulation. The Education Center is where professionals learn to educate the public about healthcare through classrooms. The Virtual Patient Care Center is used to advance the abilities of healthcare professionals through simulated and virtual healthcare situations. The Tampa Bay Research & Innovation Center is where engineers and health care professionals can go to brainstorm, progress, and experiment with new medical devices. Finally, the Center for Advancement of Minimally-Invasive Pelvic Surgery is a center that is specifically for advancing knowledge as well as training for Gynecologic surgery. These 5 centers all are in one facility and hope to stop the thousands of deaths that occur every year from medical mistakes.

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