Florida Highway Patrol Warns Halloween Revelers of Drunk Driving Ticketing Campaign Oct. 31-Nov. 3

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There are a lot of things for me to be aware of this Halloween in order to insure the safety of my family.  I need to make sure that my kids have appropriate reflective gear on their costumes, I must go through their candy to make sure the candy has not been tampered with, We can only trick or treating at homes that are well lit.  Many people forget to be aware of another danger on Halloween night – drunk drivers.  The Florida Highway Patrol says the scariest part of Halloween isn’t the costumes or pranks.  It’s the drunk or drugged drivers.  FHP is doing their part in protecting Florida families by participating in the national campaign, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. The campaign, from Oct. 31 through Nov. 3, is designed to discourage drunk or drugged individuals from driving as police will conduct a combination of targeted enforcement and increase visibility on roadways.
Did you know there were over 17,000 DUI crashes in Florida last year that resulted in 877 deaths?  How disheartning.  It is a lot easier to get a cab to get you home as opposed to taking the risk of driving drunk and potentially killing someone.  Also, the laws are quite strict here in Florida for those guility of a DUI. The fees and fines alone associated with a drunk driving conviction can be enough to set you back financially for a long time, and make it difficult to move on.  According to DMVFlorida.org, anyone with a second offense, and in some cases the first offense, will be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. Drivers with a first conviction face a fine of up to $500, 50 hours of community service, up to six months in jail, a driver’s license revocation of at least 180 days, DUI school, probation and more. The consequences become even more severe and costly for drivers with additional convictions.
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