How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall Claims

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Will a warning sign impact my slip and fall injury claim?


How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall ClaimsMany times, clients who have been injured in a slip and fall accident don’t think they have a claim because there was a warning sign nearby. Oftentimes, that is not the case. Just because there is a warning sign on the premises doesn’t mean that the warning sign is in the right place or has the right visibility. More importantly, the fact that there’s a warning sign doesn’t mean that there’s a condition on that property that the sign is not warning you of.

Just because there’s a warning sign in one spot doesn’t mean there could be another slipping hazard in a different area. How are you supposed to know there is a spill there? For instance, a grocery store has cameras monitoring every aisle. They know where the water is, but you don’t. Just because they had a warning sign in the front of their grocery store doesn’t mean that should impact your ability to recover for the injuries you sustained due to that premises’ negligence.

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