Jacksonville Child Injury: Leads to Lawsuit between Parents and Wolfson Children’s Hospital


Jacksonville Child Injury:  Leads to Lawsuit between Parents and Wolfson Children’s Hospital
A Jacksonville child injury treated at Wolfson Children’s Hospital brought Action News Health Check and Florida Health News flooding to the scene after a case of child injury prevention was brought to light.  According to Florida Health News, the family of a 19-month-old little girl is taking legal action against Wolfson Children’s Hospital because she didn’t receive prompt care when visiting the emergency room in March of 2016.

Ava-Kate, the toddler in this Jacksonville child injury, was rushed to the hospital after she mistakenly swallowed a lithium battery that fell out of a remote control while playing in her living room.  Advocates at Florida Health News are now pushing for better child injury prevention to prevent this Jacksonville child injury from happening again.
[quote]The remote somehow opened and one of the batteries fell into the girl’s mouth.[/quote] Doctors first diagnosed Ava-Kate with having a coin lodged in her throat and saying, “it’s just a coin… it will be okay.”  Thinking it would pass on its own, doctors placed Ava-Kate and parents, Cole Parsons and Courtney Thorne, in a hospital room to be monitored and watched.  Wolfson Children’s Hospital is known for treating Jacksonville child injury, so Courtney Thorne thought she was taking her to the top child injury prevention hospital in the area.
battery-Jacksonville Child Injury- Lawsuit Parents and Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Courtney Thorne quickly realized the doctor’s nonchalant attitude was because of a lack of research on what truly was lodged in Ava-Kate’s throat.  According to Action News Health Check, after a waiting period of five hours, the family finally was visited from the Gastrointestinal surgeon.  This is when the story rapidly changed.  Suddenly, Ava-Kate needed to be rushed into the surgical room as an emergency surgery was going to be performed.  For this is when doctors realized the severity of the situation; the ‘coin’ in her throat was actually a lithium ‘button’ battery.
[quote]The child’s parents said it took 5 1/2 hours for doctors to remove the battery. Since then, the child has underwent 18 procedures and only eats pureed foods.[/quote] Doctors, neglecting to do research on what was actually was swallowed and in the throat of Ava-Kate, proved this Jacksonville child injury might have not been just a one-time mistake.  According to Florida Health News, attorney Tom Edwards, of Edwards & Ragatz, stated the physician at Wolfson Children’s Hospital clearly contradicted the publically written guidelines on the hospital’s website that this type of battery “can severely burn the esophagus in as little as two hours.”
Attorney Tom Edwards states, “Unfortunately, the doctor that was staffing on their behalf that day didn’t appear to understand the urgency of the situation.”  A situation that might’ve lead to the death of a Jacksonville child.  That is why Ava-Kate’s family refuses to quit fighting for their child.”
Actions News Health Check and Florida Health News picked up the story pretty quickly as news of the Jacksonville child injury began to go public.   According to Action News Health Check, Ava-Kate’s parents, Parsons and Thorne, are taking legal action against Wolfson Children’s Hospital, stating the doctors “failed to treat the situation with urgency.”
Jacksonville Child Injury- Lawsuit Parents and Wolfson Children’s Hospital
Ava-Kate has undergone more than eighteen surgeries and suffers from a severely burnt esophagus.  She still is on a puree diet, and Thorne is always in fear her daughter’s choking will start again.  Staff and doctors at Wolfson Children’s Hospital aren’t saying much when it comes to the legal action against the hospital, but attorneys at Edwards & Ragatz are working diligently to bring Ava-Kate and her family the peace and financial stability for the future.
According to Action News Health, after the transfer to Boston Children’s Hospital, Ava-Kate is finally receiving the help she deserves after having swallowed a lithium ‘button’ battery.   Florida Healh News found that the family visits doctors twice a week with medical bills piling up left and right.
By taking legal action, Ava-Kate will be able to receive treatments in hopes to one day eat solid foods again, something that was taken away from her at far too young of an age. The legal action in this child injury prevention case will also help families in the future who experience similar accidents like this Jacksonville child injury.
If you or a loved one has been wrongly diagnosed or injured as a result of poor medical conduct like this Jacksonville child injury, contact Edwards & Ragatz for a free consultation.  Child injury prevention is of the utmost importance, so let Edwards & Ragatz help you today!  Call us at (904) 399-1609 or toll free at (866) 366-1609.  Feel free to e-mail us directly at info@www.edwardsragatz.com.
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