Kids injured in ATV crash

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Channel 4 reports that two children have serious injuries after crashing their all-terrain vehicle in southwest Florida.  images (3)According to Florida Highway Patrol, a 9-year-old female was driving the ATV when it crashed Sunday afternoon in Lehigh Acres. Troopers say the ATV flipped over as it approached a telephone pole in a grassy area.
According to a crash report, both the girl and her 16-year-old passenger were thrown off the ATV in the crash. Troopers say the teenager struck the telephone pole after being ejected, and the ATV struck the 9-year-old after she was thrown off. Both children were taken to a hospital with serious injuries.
What a tragic story.  I’ve blogged about ATV accidents before and it always seems to be a child who is injured in an ATV accident.  Several groups have warnings for parents to be aware of before their child gets on an ATV.
The Center for Agriculture Safety wants parents to be reminded of the following: (1)  ATVs roll over easily; (2)  ATVs are not meant for passengers; (3)  ATVs can weigh up to 800 pounds; and (4) Uneven terrain or unforeseen obstacles can easily cause an ATV to roll over.   In addition, passengers can alter the weight distribution on an ATV and make them even more likely to become unstable and roll over.

Florida ATV Deaths

Total Reported Deaths (1982-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing


Reported Deaths (1982-2007):


Reported Deaths (2008-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing


Reported Deaths (1982-2007):
Children under 16


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