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How much is my medical malpractice claim worth?


Medical Malpractice Case ValueClients always want to know what the value of their medical malpractice case is at the very outset, and the reality is no responsible lawyer is going to give you the value of a case until they’ve had the opportunity and time to properly investigate all aspects. Properly working up a case means you have to look at liability, causation, and the damages, and we have to link all three together.

The medical malpractice cases are particularly difficult when it comes to liability. The comparison to an automobile accident case is this: in almost any automobile accident case, you’re going to fill the jury box with people that know that someone’s supposed to stop at a stop sign, or they’re supposed to stop a red light, but you rarely ever get jurors in a medical malpractice case that know anything about what a doctor should or shouldn’t do under any given circumstance.

We have to get what are called practice parameters and practice protocols. What we have to do is pin the doctor down and find methods to prove that they breached normalized standards that anyone should recognize in their field, and we want to find ways to prove those standards with written documents and other things that are going to help bolster our expert in the jury’s eyes.

We then need to prove what’s called causation and damages. In any medical malpractice case, we must prove that whatever damages we’re seeking were actually caused by the malpractice that occurred. One example would be a misdiagnosis of cancer. There are two types of problems in a misdiagnosis of cancer. We have to prove liability, but we then also have to prove what was actually worsened as a result.

In many instances of medical malpractice, we need to put multiple experts together to figure out what damages we’re going to be able to prove based on what the actual liability situation was. Once we’ve done those pieces, we’re able to give you advice. It’s our obligation to give you advice and to talk to you about what we think reasonable value ranges are, and there will be a point in every case where we sit down with you and have those discussions, but it’s typically not at the very beginning.

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