Medical Malpractice Recorded Statement

In this video, our Florida injury attorney discusses why you should never give a medical malpractice recorded statement to an insurance company.

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Should I speak to an insurance company about my medical malpractice claim?


We are regularly asked by our clients if they should talk to a risk manager, an insurance adjuster, or a defense lawyer to give a recorded statement. We recommend that they not do so until we’ve prepared them for an interview. Medical Malpractice Recorded Statement The risk managers, insurance adjusters and defense lawyers are going to be friendly, they’re going to act as if they’re there to help you, but they frequently are not. They are there to try to protect the insurance carrier and to gather information that they can use against you, even though they’re approaching you as if they are trying to protect you.

That doesn’t mean there won’t come a time where it’s worth talking to them, but you should only do so after you’ve been properly trained and coached by your attorney in how to deal with questions that you’re going to be presented with. You will always be told to tell the truth, but we want to ensure that you understand the way they’re going to approach you and the way they’re going to try to frame questions so that in telling the truth, you do so properly and with the right resources available to you so that you can’t be led into mistakes.

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