Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall in Jacksonville

Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall in Jacksonville

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What mistakes should I avoid after a slip and fall accident?


I had a client call me asking what mistakes should be avoided after a slip and fall injury. One of the biggest things that we see with slip and fall cases is when someone has fallen and hasn’t notified the manager of the store or landlord where the accident took place. You need to give notice to the property owner that there was something there on the floor or leaking from the ceiling that caused your injury.
The second biggest thing was that they didn’t go and seek medical treatment as a result of their injuries. That lapse of going to the doctor after being injured gives a gap of time that the other side likes to negotiate and say, “Well, obviously, your client’s not injured. If they were really were significantly injured, they would have gone and sought medical treatment right away.” It’s something we can overcome, but it makes for a much more difficult case.

Another big thing that we see is once you get medical treatment that you fail to comply with what your doctor has told you to do. Once again, the other side is going to negotiate and say, “Obviously, your client’s not injured. Otherwise they would have done what the doctor told them to do.”

Another thing that we see as a mistake is not seeking the right type of an attorney. You need a trial attorney, like we have here at Edwards & Ragatz, that takes your case and works it from start to finish — from the time that you sign up to all the way to trial, if necessary. They are able to more effectively advocate for you because they have created a relationship, which you don’t see in other firms.

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