Most common medical malpractice claims for missed cancer, heart attacks

© jgroupCBS News recently reported on a study published in the British Medical Journal.  Researchers found that medical malpractice can be a nightmare for both patients and doctors.  The study takes a close look at claims to get an idea where most of these cases are coming from.  For the study, published in BMJ Open on July 18, Irish researchers reviewed more than 7,150 journal papers on medical malpractice claims. They were looking specifically at claims for primary care doctors, since these physicians are often the first line of care for patients seeking treatment for health woes.
The researchers discovered that the most commonly reported medical malpractice claims involved missed diagnoses, which amounted to 26-63 percent of the total claims, depending on the study. Death topped the list of common consequences under claims for missed diagnosis and occurred in 15-48 percent of the cases.  The most prevalent missed diagnoses in adults were cancer and heart attack, followed by appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy, and bone fractures. In children, most commonly missed diagnoses were related to meningitis and cancers, CBS News reported.
When we go to the doctor, we trust them with our most valuable possession: our health & our life. Doctors and medical practitioners have a duty to provide quality care that meets professional medical and legal standards. When they fail, these medical mistakes can be devastating. Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. has experienced attorneys that strive to hold medical practitioners and insurance companies accountable for not meeting quality standards of care. Medical Malpractice occurs in all types of medical settings. If you think your questions and concerns are falling on deaf ears, ask for a second opinion.  Please, for your health – be attentive and persistent.

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