Motorcycle Deaths continue to rise

 © Felix Mizioznikov A recent study came out that found that the fatality rate in motorcycle accidents has been increasing for roughly fifteen years as over traffic fatalities continue to decline. Officials believe that as the number of riders increase, the number of overall motorcycle wrecks  have generally followed suit. There is no reason to believe that the number of riders who take to the road on a motorcycle in Florida has not increased in recent years at the same rates as in other states across the country. In particular, safety officials say that motorcycle accident related fatalities have doubled in the past fifteen years, increasing in 14 of those 15 years. Preliminary data says that motorcycle accident fatalities jumped nine percent in the first nine months of 2012 nationwide, as compared to 2011.
I read this study and think that these numbers are tragic statistics.   My sadness is deepened as I  read over the Times Union and note that it looks like Jacksonville is contributing to these sad numbers.   A 22-year-old Jacksonville man died Sunday when he failed to negotiate the on-ramp from Interstate 295 southbound onto Butler Boulevard  Eastbound.   The young man’s  Kawasaki motorcycle veered onto the outside shoulder of the ramp and crashed into the retaining wall about 4:20 p.m., according to the Florida Highway Patrol.  Our condolences are with this young man’s family.  Another devastating death chalked up to riding such a powerful and very dangerous instrument. 
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