Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Are you wondering if not following doctor’s orders will impact your medical malpractice claim? Watch this video to learn more.

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Will failure to follow doctor’s orders affect my malpractice claim?


We’re often asked by our medical malpractice clients if they can do anything adversely to affect their case. For instance, one time a client asked if they can lose their right to pursue a medical malpractice case if they don’t follow their physician’s instructions. The reality is that not following your physician’s instructions can negatively affect your case in a variety of ways. Not Following Doctor's Orders The defense attorney will argue that you’re not being compliant. They will argue that you’re not mitigating your damages and you’re not taking responsibility to make the best recovery you can. We always instruct our clients to listen to their physicians carefully, to follow their advice, and to be completely transparent and candid with their physicians about what’s going on with their body.

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