Partial Fault Bicycle Accident

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Can I file a claim if I’m partially at fault for a bicycle accident?


Partial Fault Bicycle AccidentThe other day I had a client call who was in a very significant bicycle accident, and their question to me was, “I think I might have been partially responsible for the accident. Do I still have a claim?” Once we got into the facts, the answer was a definitive yes. You can still have a claim even if you’re partially at-fault. The very nature of the word partially means someone else is at fault too. You can absolutely maintain a claim for that.

What I found out is people who think that they are partly responsible for their injury or for their accident, oftentimes, when you dig into the facts, that’s not the case. That person might not be aware of a statute or a rule of law that actually made them in the right. If somebody calls in and wants to know if they have a claim because they’re partially at fault, the thing I tell them is you have to get an attorney and let that attorney analyze the facts. More often than not, you will have a claim even if you think you’re at fault.

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