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Will my personal injury case go to trial?


One of the things we’re asked by personal injury clients is whether their case is going to go to trial. The answer to that question is it’s your choice. Clients make the decisions as to whether or not to settle cases, not lawyers. Any lawyer that makes those decision for you isn’t meeting their ethical responsibility. Personal Injury Case Going to Trial In every case, I advise clients that if they’re not prepared to go to trial, they shouldn’t start the case at the outset. Sometimes, clients think that is something harsh for me to say, but it’s the reality of how the system works. If you’re not prepared to take the case to the end, and the other side detects any vulnerability on your part, then they’re going to exploit it.

Insurance carriers and large corporations are not there to be your friend. They’re tough and if they detect any lack of willingness to take the case all the way through a trial, then they’re going to start pushing you and they’re going to push you into a corner and pay you minimal dollars.

We prepare every case as if it’s going to go to trial because that’s the only way the other side takes you seriously. By getting every case prepared as if it’s going to trial, the other side is more likely to come with a reasonable settlement offer. The instances they don’t, we’ve taken them to trial and we’ve got great results.

It’s your decision whether any case goes to trial. It’s your decision to accept any settlement. We are obligated under the law to convey every offer to you and to allow you to make the decision, not us.

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