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Who will pay for my medical bills after a personal injury?


I regularly have personal injury clients ask me whether there’s a minimum amount of medical bills that they have to have for the case to be worth something. The answer to that is no. Personal Injury Medical Bills From a legal standpoint, there is no minimum. There are some practical realities of every case, however. There are some cases that can be driven by something other than bills. Examples of that might be a nursing home case where someone’s been abused and there aren’t huge bills associated with it, but the abuse is something that is compelling to a jury.

The purpose of the case is not to pay us, it’s to ensure that the client gets something that compensates them for their losses. When we have cases where there are very small bills, sometimes we have to sit down with the client and explain to them that the size of the case is not going to be worth the time and effort you’re going to put into it.

Medical bills typically get paid by insurance carriers, or Medicare/Medicaid. Some people pay them out of pocket but that’s relatively unusual. When we have cases, the lien holders are sitting at the table with us as a matter of law. The law provides that they’re required to pay your bills and they don’t get to walk away from your cases because someone else hurt you. By law, they then have a right to share in some of the recovery to help reimburse some of the losses from the bills.

The goal in every case is for us to achieve a large enough result where we’re able to pay those lien holders and still pay you and make you satisfied with what happened in your case. Part of our responsibility as lawyers is to sit down at various benchmarks during the case and talk to you about whether we think the case is going to be productive or not. That’s not only our goal, it’s our responsibility.

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