Police put up signs to warn of deadly driving areas

road_signs_traffic_lightAction News reports that JSO is posting signs at a deadly area warning drivers to drive with caution.  Their hope is to leave a lasting impression on drivers merging near Philips Highway and Interstate 295.  The words “traffic fatality area, speed kills, slow down” were added to the sign.  The thought is that drivers will see that a fatality occurred in the area and then will make an effort to slow down.  Action News found out there has been several traffic related deaths in the area in the past year.  Action News was just down the road from that area last week when a driver lost control near the University of North Florida exit and died.   They also covered a deadly crash last December about a mile from there.  In this crash, 5-year-old Kelsey Johnson was killed after her mother lost control of their car.   JSO says that  just this year there have already been 17 fatal accidents in Jacksonville.  JSO said these signs aren’t stuck here. They can move them around to different areas of town where they are seeing issues.
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