Pothole Bicycle Accident

Did you suffer serious injuries in a pothole bicycle accident? Watch this video to find out if you can recover financial compensation.

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Can I recover compensation if a pothole caused my bicycle accident?


The other day I had a client call in wanting to know if he had a claim. His scenario was he was riding his bike down a city road, hit a pothole, and got significantly injured. I told him, “Absolutely, you have a claim!” Pothole Bicycle Accident It was a city road, and you can sue the city because they were responsible for maintaining the pothole. I said the most important thing you have to do in that kind of scenario is get medical treatment to make sure that you’re okay.
Once you get that medical treatment, you have to contact an attorney because you have to preserve the evidence that’s at the scene. This includes pictures of the pothole. If the city knows that somebody got injured after they fell into a pothole, the city’s going to immediately go back and try to fill that pothole. You need to get pictures before the evidence is lost or destroyed and, absolutely, you would have a claim in that case.

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