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Your Path to Reconciliation Starts Here.

Your life or health insurance company may not be looking out for your best interests, even after they sold you a policy. If your insurance company is shown to have engaged in bad faith practices, you may be entitled to additional damages.

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Common Insurance Claim Litigation Situations.

When life, disability and health insurance companies and HMOs attempt to wrongfully deny claims and avoid paying your benefits, do not give up after the first denial. That is what the insurance company wants you to do. While going after insurance companies may seem daunting, with a lawyer from Edwards & Ragatz on your side, you can win. The most common insurance claim litigation situations are:

  • Commercial General Liability policies
  • Personal and commercial motor vehicle policies (including uninsured/underinsured motorist claims and first-party benefit claims) 
  • Homeowners’ policies
  • Errors & Omission policies
  • Professional liability policies
  • Employment and workers’ compensation policies
  • Inland marine policies
Edwards & Ragatz

Handling Complex Insurance Litigation.

  • Legal counsel and advice as to insurance policy interpretation and application
  • Drafting of opinion letters, and disclaimer letters, and reservation of rights letters, with an eye to accurate and complete claims decisions
  • Advice on the compliance of policy language and interpretation with statutory and regulatory mandates

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