Proving Birth Injuries

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How do I prove medical negligence in a birth injury?


Proving Birth InjuriesIn our cases involving birth injuries we’re asked, usually at our first meeting with our clients, how we prove the case. In medical malpractice cases, and particularly in birthing injury cases, you don’t have the OBGYN, the neonatologist, or the pediatrician noting what they think was done wrong. We need to get experts in those fields to tell us what the standard of care was, to tell us what was done wrong, and how we’re going to prove the case.

We forensically look at the records. We look at the medical bills. We look at phone logs. We look at the correspondence and communication between the specialties to forensically prove your case if it’s not laid out in the records. There are sometimes deceitful entries, sometimes injuries change, and sometimes not only do they try to be obstructionists about it, they’ll flatly be inaccurate about what happened. We have a team of experts and doctors where we forensically look at your chart to be able to prove the case.

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