Proving Medical Negligence

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How do I prove medical negligence?


We’re often asked in our medical malpractice cases by our clients how we’re going to prove that the mistake or error was the cause of the problems, otherwise known as causation. A lot of times we will have very specific experts to speak only to causation. Proving Medical Negligence For instance, we had a case where there was sepsis of a little girl that was misdiagnosed at an emergency room. For liability, we had to get an emergency room physician to speak about what the doctor should have done, an emergency room nurse to speak about what the nurses should’ve done, and an infectious disease doctor to talk about how their mistakes caused the infection that she had and how that could have been prevented. In medical malpractice you have liability and causation. We at Edwards & Ragatz have the burden of proving both, and we do that through medical experts and in part through the medical chart.

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