Rear end collision leads to death


Various news outlets are reporting on a tragic accident that occurred several days ago on Normandy Boulevard.  Last Friday afternoon,  a 59-year-old man was killed in a rear-end collision.  Accordig to FHP,  a male, driving a Toyota Echo, was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Normandy Boulevard and Blair Road.  A 24 year-old male, driving a Jeep Cherokee was also heading east on Normandy and failed to slow down for the traffic stopped at the red light and rear-ended the Echo. Jacksonville Fire Rescue says the driver was dead on the scene. The 24 year-old male was taken to UF Health Jacksonville with possible injuries.  FHP said charges are pending against the driver of the Cherokee and results of a blood-alcohol test are also pending. 

Condolences to the family of the 59 year-old male who died in this accident. 

Most people assume that if you are rear ended by another vehicle, it is the fault of the second car.  Even though it sounds like the investigation will place blame on the second vehicle mentioned above, that rule does not apply to every rear end collision here in Florida.  Back in 2012, the Florida Supreme Court held that a second driver is not automatically solely at fault in rear-end collisions.  The ruling resolved a pair of conflicting lower court decisions. The justices  agreed that juries should be allowed to compare the negligence of each driver in a lawsuit regardless of who the plaintiff is and apportion blame accordingly.They upheld one appellate court ruling that came to the same conclusion in a Seminole County case.

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