Recorded Statement to a Nursing Home’s Insurance Company

Recorded Statement to a Nursing Home's Insurance Company

In this video, our Florida injury attorney discusses why you should never give a recorded statement to a nursing home’s insurance company if your loved one was injured.

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Should I speak to an insurance company about my nursing home abuse claim?


We recommend that our clients not talk to risk managers, insurance adjusters, or insurance defense lawyers for the other side until they’ve talked to us first. We tell every client to always tell the truth and that’s a fundamental responsibility of any lawyer. We also believe that it’s very important that we prepare the client before they’re interviewed by someone for the other side. Risk managers, insurance adjusters, and insurance defense lawyers are trained to try ask questions that will garner incriminating statements. What we want to do is give our clients proper training in how to respond to questions so that they’re alert to tricks of the trade that the defense may use to try to put them in an unfavorable light. We recommend that you always talk to us first before being interviewed by someone from the other side.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to nursing home negligence and have questions about giving a recorded statement to a nursing home’s insurance company?
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